What is On page SEO?

After the complete keyword research and content writing, we need to do on-page SEO. In this article, I will discuss what is on-page SEO and how I do on-page SEO?

What is On-page SEO?

on page seo

On page SEO refers to all activities that you do inside a web page like me tags optimization, heading tags optimization, image alt tag optimization, image compression, internal links optimization, anchor tags optimization, web site error validation, rich snippet markup, microformats markup, user interface designs, and web page speed optimization.

Now I would like to quickly explain the on-site SEO factors. This is also known as on-page. That relates to anything we do within our actual website. It’s not an exclusive list but these are some of the important ones. 


Domain research

Domain name: Ideally, you should have your keyword phrase within your domain name. So, my portfolio website for SEO is called www.adnanzaman.com so it has a domain name that is not the keywords embedded within it. But another one petfood.com is the keyword domain name.


on page seo

HTML TITLE: Now probably the most important on-site SEO the factor of all, is the title, the HTML title. This can make the difference between good SEO and bad SEO. So even if you get this right but totally mess up everything else, you’ve still got a shot at being on the first page, that’s how important the title is.



Alt tags, Headings, and Anchor Text:  As I say, the most important one of all is the HTML title.

Probably next in importance will be things like Alt tags, Headings, and Anchor Text. Those are probably the three most important ones after the Title. So, ALT tags are basically a tag, a hidden bit of information behind the pictures that we upload to our website, so Google can understand the text within your page, as it doesn’t really understand what the pictures are about, so the idea of the Alt text gives Google some information about the pictures.

Headings.suppose you have headings 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 if you want to. But from an SEO point of view, the important headings are the H1 and the H2, which is the primary heading and the secondary heading. So again, you want to try and get your keywords within the headings.

on the page. Next, I come to Anchor Text. Anchor Text is purely the text within a clickable text link. For example, If you click on keyword research you will go to the keyword research article.


The loading speed of each page is important, especially on mobiles, so that is something I will paying attention to it extra.

                                          on page seo

SITE MAP: The next on-site factor would be things like, have you got an XML site map and an HTML site map? Again, if you’ve got no idea what those are, check out on youtube. They are just ways of helping Google to find its way around your site. Don’t worry I will do it. The way you set up your internal linking structure, within your website. 

what is broken link

Broken links: Google is totally unimpressed if it finds broken links on your website, you might get away with one or two, but certainly, you want to check your website regularly, just to make sure you haven’t got any broken links between your pages, or indeed a broken link from your website to somebody else website.

seo factor

HOSTING: The hosting location, that can affect your SEO. If you’re interested in local business within a particular country, or a particular part of the country may be, then try and get local hosting, so, for instance, I’m in a city called Dhaka in Bangladesh, and all my hosting is done within Bangladesh.


on page seo factor

Duplicate content: Duplicate content, that’s another issue you need to think about it. Some of these factors are plus factors, and some are negative factors. Duplicate content is certainly a negative factor that you need to be careful of. So, what you do not want to do ever, is basically copy and paste information from one page to another page within your website. If you want to create similar information, create it from scratch, do not copy and paste it.

content writting

CONTENT: Quality content is very important. Content is the king of SEO. There is no point doing in doing SEO if you don’t have a good website to start with content, so spend a little time producing good quality content, that people would want to read. Now you have a ques if the content is king then why I write in last because I don’t write content.

Then finally, of course, these days you need your website to be mobile-friendly. So, this is not a complete list but gives you some idea of what’s called on-site SEO factors and you will get all of these from me. You need to just hire me in fiverr.com

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