What Is Keyword Research?

Keywword research

Keyword research is the first step to creating an SEO campaign. It’s the bread and butter of digital marketing and should be your number one priority.

Why is keyword research important :

Keyword research is the process of finding the keywords for your website and understanding how you are ranking or could rank for these keywords on Google.
The emergence of effective Internet marketing tools makes the business landscape of today a very exciting arena for brands, products, and services wanting to make their mark and succeed online. More effective tools mean more opportunities to reach a bigger and wider market that no brick and mortar business can reach using traditional marketing methods. At the top of this list of tools that bring in the most traffic is – search.

How I can find Quality Keyword : 

Brainstorm Seed Keyword Topics :

Keyword research starts with identifying seed keyword topics. Seed keywords are very broad terms that describe topics that are relevant to your audience.

Find keywords with low competition :

When researching keywords it is important to assess how much competition exists. When using Google Keyword Planner competition is measured by

‘the number of advertisers that showed on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google.’


keyword research

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